The sky above Morrisons in Widcombe, Bath

Working with energy consumption and carbon emissions in mind.

We are consistently monitoring our performance targets and improving processes across our supply chain, business partners and employees which in turn, leads improved environmental solutions.

We request assessments of suppliers’ environmental credentials, enabling us to source and purchase responsibly, with a focus on low impact materials where possible. Additionally, we work with designers to improve the lifecycle environmental performance of our projects, through better planning, stronger procurement and aftercare.

We are taking steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by reducing demand for fuel and energy, emanating from our developments, and actively measure the carbon footprint of our construction projects.

Further more, we aim to protect biodiversity, ensuring that wildlife and ecosystems are considered during the planning process.

"IKON is dedicated to responsible sourcing and purchasing...with a focus on low impact materials where possible."

Steve Chant, Managing Director