Skeleton Bobsleigh Track

The modern pentathlon push start track at Bath University Sports Training Village had an interesting history, but was in desperate need of updating.

Since Amy Williams MBE trained on the skeleton track for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the existing braking system had become too expensive to maintain. The bungee braking system had to be replaced every 6 months, costing around £4,000 each time. It also relied on the athletes pushing the bobsleigh back up to the top of the track after each run, using energy unnecessarily.

British Sports offered to fund the refurbishment of the skeleton track and other associated facilities. We took on the challenge, installed a state-of-the-art bobsleigh track with a new, maintenance-free braking system, suitable for both bob- and skeleton training.

The new braking system uses a magnet which ensures the sleigh returns automatically back to the start. The new sleigh will travel at speeds up to an impressive 38mph.

IKON also installed a new timing system; bathroom facilities; and an undercover warm-up track next to the bobsleigh to help reduce injuries.

That’s one great training facility for the GB team, giving them every chance to win more gold medals!