Moving the Olympic Pool

When Bath University decided to take one of the decommissioned 2012 Olympic training pools from storage, being asked to move it to their Sports Training Village was definitely a first for IKON!

Always happy to rise to a challenge, we first decommissioned the existing pool in Bath, draining it down before isolating and removing the existing pool plant system. We dismantled the pool and surrounds, and carried out repairs to the existing framework, ensuring a better structural environment before bringing in the new pool.

The Olympic pool consisted of 142 panels with bracing on the reverse of each panel, which needed to be taken apart in London and fixed to our new concrete base in Bath. In order to make sure the new pool was watertight with over one and a half kilometres of water tight joints; our very own Olympic-sized jigsaw puzzle!

Due to the large volume of water, we needed a licence from the water board to fill the pool so they didn’t suspect a leak in the area. And we were only able to put in 500mm depth of water each day to allow the structure to settle, as constant testing was required.

We installed new viewing windows into the side walls, which allowed for a state-of-the-art camera system, to enable swimmers to be viewed from the side, below and above. Poolside screens enable swimmers to discuss techniques with their coach: only one of 2 pools in the country to offer this facility.

Work also included the installation of new plantroom equipment including pumps; filtration, UV, and ventilation systems; and an upgrade to the perimeter.

The whole project took 8 months to complete, during which time the GB team had to train in Loughborough. However this fantastic new facility will be used by them for both training and competitions, in preparation for the next Olympics, and the one after that. We think they would agree it was worth the wait.